Jumpthru platforms side

Hello, i was wondering if anyone already knew an easy solution. I would like it if players couldn’t fall through jump through platforms if they only hit in on the side.

Thank you.

First solution (Recommended):

Check if the player is falling or jumping then change the platform type from (jumpthru) to (platform)
But I’m not sure how good this will be…

Second solution (Not recommended but should be much more precise):

You can create a small 2 platform object with a (platform) type in the platform behavior
One for the left side and one for the Right side

Then create these two objects at the left and right of the Jumpthru platform at the begin of the scene.
And this way you’ll not be able to fall if you hit from the side because you’ll be in collision with the platform objects you created.

The issue with that solution is that it will create 2 objects for each platform in the scene which can cause performance issues with time (most likely it will be fine but just note that it might affect performance).

Hope that helps or gives you ideas : )

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I thought about the second one and believe it would be janky.bill try the first one. I thought about it and think it’ll work but not be exactly what I want.

Thank you for your help!:grinning:

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