Just a platformer testing project

The project: drive.google.com/open?id=0B5Gvu … Dk3SXdhazA
The testign link: storage.googleapis.com/utunnels … index.html

Basically this is a 1 level game modified from the default platformer template game with new characters. I added ladder climbing, ledge grabbing, attack and death animations. Currently the game isn’t going anywhere, because I don’t have a good idea yet.

move : left and right arrow
jump: space or shift
attack: a
climb: up
grab ledge: press forward in mid air when near a ledge

Known issue: touch screen control doesn’t work.

Warning: the project is a bit over sized for a platformer game, be careful if you are using a phone.

The game has a javascript spc music player, which I use to play the background music.

That could be great if you make a game with GDevelop using pre-rendred 3d graphics :stuck_out_tongue: How big is that character in pixels and what is the file size of the one frame?

storage.googleapis.com/utunnels … id0001.png

A single frame is 640x480 and the file size is about 40-50kb. I didn’t crop the images because it would be hard to adjust offsets.

I think I can make them smaller.

Well, maybe I can help here with “ideas”, although kinda hate that phrase. It’s a bit more complex and I’m not a fan of typing, can’t seem to express myself the way I really want in english, at least when typing, verbally things go a lot smoother in my case. I you wish we could talk on TS/skype or smthng, I have a couple of suggestions about the whole thing.

Thanks. But I’m not asking for ideas.
I tried GD mainly because a friend posted me a link. He is trying to make a game but he also doesn’t have coding skills. I think GD is probably a good choice for him, but I need to try it out first. :smiley:
Currently I’m not ready to make a full game, but I want to share what I have in case some other new comers may find them useful.

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This is incredible, but my question is how did you get the ledge grabbing and ladder animations to work? I’ve tried different ways, but none of them worked.

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