Keep an empty set of tools ready


Do you guys like the empty events screen? It gives me the feeling I’ve done a blunder when I’m just starting a new scene/project, like “hu-ho, you forgot to put events in here”.
I would love to have a set of these ready in the events list:

I’m also hoping it will encourage people (and myself!) to keep cleaner code, and save time, of course.
There could be a button for the set, that people would use to create each function/section.
I also think it would be useful to have an empty default event ready under the last item of all groups/sub-lists.

Out with the empty screen! Who’s with me? :grin:

Why not :slightly_smiling_face:
On the other side I like having nothing cause beginners can add their first events and not be confused by what a group or a comment is.

I guessed as much, but I find it strange to design a feature for first time users rather than for everyone else. Useful once, and annoying for the rest of eternity.
A tutorial with a “Show next time” tickbox may be in order? Nice-looking arrows and something along the lines of:

Here’s a comment box. You can type in your ideas and comments, e.g. “The lines below manage what happens when my player touches an enemy” or “I had to add these events, because my player kept crashing into the wall”. The comment boxes are only here for you (and anyone whom you share your code with). That way, your code is easier to read and easier to maintain.

Forcing people to start using comments and groups right at the beginning may be not a good idea for everyone. It could make the wrong impression for someone getting started for the first time.

Instead, maybe let us design our own “template” that we can choose to be used when creating a new project or scene.
For example I normally start with at least 2 groups. Initialize with an “At the beginning event” inside and an Update group with an empty even inside to be triggered every frame.
Now instead of forcing this or anything else on everyone and trying to explain in a text what is this, how about to let me design my own “template” and tell GDevelop to include this set of events, groups, comments and objects from the template out of the box when I create a new scene or when I create a new project. Basically the same as we can choose to create a new project from a template except let us create and include our own templates in the list and maybe also add an option to create a new scene from template including all the events, comments, groups and objects from the template.

The way it could be done maybe is to add an option to save a project “as template”, then GDevelop would go ahead and save a copy of the project in a safe location and add the project to the templates list so we can create a new project from our own template next time and then also add an option to create a new scene from template.

Maybe also limit a template to have a single scene only so we can use it either to create a new project or only copy the events and objects when creating new scene from template.

Just an idea, so we could keep the empty project to keep it simple for complete beginners and take some pain away from advanced users who already know how they want to start a project or scene.

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