Keep falling at start

Hello again guys,
i have added a action when falling go to scene restart but when i start the game the player just fall so directly to restart scene?? help guys

Without seeing your events, people may not be able to assist.

From a quick guess, move your player object so it is directly ontop of a platform in the scene editor.

yeah i try that and if not i try to poste it here

It sounds like you might need a (inverted) at beginning condition.
or some type of variable that marks weather you want it to restart scene or not.

Like silver streak said we need events to properly assist you.

I am guessing you want to teleport them player at the beginning of the scene when he falls in a hole or something, and you used the is falling condition. Is falling triggers whenever the character is moving down, so it is not what you want. I suggest 2 solutions for that case:

  1. Add an object acting as sensor at the bottom of the pits and on collision with them reset the scene
  2. Add a timeout to is falling like this:
if (isFalling(player, PlatformerBehavior) & triggerOnce()) {
if (not isFalling(player, PlatformerBehavior)) {
if (timerValue("falling", "=", "5")) {

This would only reset te scene after 5 seconds of falling.

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