Keep scene variables page open on 2nd screen or window

I would like the possibility to have the scene variables window stay open so I can refer to it while working on events.

I currently find it annoying to have to keep closing my events window to open the scene variables and then go back.

I use 2 monitors whilst working on many software applications and find it really useful to keep references open whilst working.



Might need a contributor or dev to chime in on this, but I am not 100% sure this is currently possible, due to the fact that any pop-up window in the engine currently is basically volatile (e.g., the content is not saved until you close the window, and cannot be referenced while in use).

I believe changing this would require a rework of how many of the various IDE functions interact within each other.

That said, is there a reason why you need to keep the window open for reference? All conditions and actions that directly modify or use a variable will pop up an autocomplete list of all available variables, and fields that accept variables will also pop up and display any/all variables when you type Variable()/GlobalVariable/ObjectName.Variable() etc. Is there something missing from using this as the needed reference?


Thanks silver-streak. I hadn’t thought of using the pop up auto complete as my reference.
I think I am just used to using 2 screens and as I am working keep finding myself trying to drag the scene variables screen over to my other monitor.
I guess I’d like to be able to adjust the variables as I’m working on the events if I think of a change I’d like to implement straight away without losing my train of thought on the events.


Totally understandable. To be clear, I’m not saying this won’t be done (I have no say on that), I just am not sure on the ease/feasibility of the change.

For another option, whenever you’re using an event condition/action that directly calls on a variable, you can click the arrow button to the right of the field:

And it will pull up the full display of the variables:

This will let you create a new variable or edit any settings you may have for that variable type.