Keule has questions, again

Hey guys,

I’m trying to do a kind of beach volleyball game. I am still bad with usage of forces. I just learned angle movement (watched the creation of a pong game). But I would like to make more varied or ball like movement. I thought about adding image points that let the ball “bounce off” differently depending on where it hits the players. But I’ve got a feeling there’s a better way. And it also looks weird that the ball is shooting into a direction and then just bounces off from the sky. :smiley: I reckon I need to use physics and gravity for the ball then?
I also struggle with random values. I thought about putting a little random factor in the angle of the ball but it doesn’t really work. When putting random(88-92) in the angle it seems to change the angle constantly.

How can I configure the controls of a second controllable unit? Do I have to do it with events or is there an easier way?

(attached pic: )I try to make a menu, and when you click on graphics I want the cursor to move to the Y point of pixelart/hd. That works. But I can’t leave the menu by pressing esc. I don’t know it seems like I screwed up quiet a lot of things in the code. But I tried a lot of different ways the last hour and feel like not making any progress anymore.


For this kind of game, you should probably use the physic behaviour. If the shape of the player is a bit complicated you will have random bounce of your ball. You can edit this shape by selecting “custom shape” in the physic behaviour menu of your object.

For your menu, following your conditions, you can exit your menu only if the cursor Y coordinate is equal to a specific number. Which is pretty hard to do with mouse movement, so it will be impossible to exit the menu.