Key doesn't make animation

Brand new here so thanks for the help!

I managed to get my character to do the basics, Idle, Walk, Jump. I made an additional animation for “PlayGuit” as in playing a guitar. I assigned it to the ‘p’ key and it gives one of the 2 sprites but does not loop. ( Yes, I did check “loop” in the “Edit Object”)
I’ve added a screenshot of the code in question and would certainly appreciate the help. Thank you.

It’s becuase the third event changes the animation to “Idle” always, try it for the third event:

Conditions: NOT Player is moving Animation of Player is != "PlayGuitar" Actions: Set animation of Player to "Idle" Flip horizontally Player : no
In other words, change to the “Idle” animation if not playing the guitar :slight_smile:

Thank you