Key pressed conditon: pressing spacebar = space

Hi, this is a small request that isn’t going to make a big difference but I’ll ask anyway. For the Check if a key is pressed/released condition, pressing a letter/number key on the keyboard brings up that letter/number in the input box. But pressing the Spacebar just types a space. Things like Shift/Ctrl etc are used as modifier keys but Space is usually just Space. So my request is if we press Spacebar, can the input box change to Space.

I often use pressing the spacebar as a way to test things and I have to type SP and then select the Space option. Or type S and scroll down and select Space.

I pressed the spacebar on my keyboard and it moves the cursor along one space:


I typed SP and then need to select Space:


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I think this makes sense since we don’t need space to select any key and it is not a field that we can write an expression.

My understanding is that current functionality matches other engines with direct labeled input.

It also would be an exclusion, because you cannot make the enter/return key swap over to return (as it would instead treat it as a newline, which has no matching character). Same with the arrow keys, which couldn’t mimic the behavior because they’re needed for people that can only type their entries due to accessibility reasons.

You’re not doing key detection in that field (even though it seems that way when you hit a letter or number). You’re typing the name of a key, as understood by the backend logic.

From a brief review, I don’t think this could be implemented without causing confusion with other keys or causing accessibility issues. To be clear, this is just context/feedback on potential reasons why not, I have no input on if a feature will be implemented.

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