Keyboard operator entry

I dream of clicking only once on the name field, typing the variable name, hitting tab twice, the sign list opens and… I could scroll with the arrows or the mouse wheel or the cursor… but it’s my dream, so I’ll type the operator right in followed by the value. :star_struck:

Should be linked to this issue ?

Partly a matter of focus, but not only.
If you Add action and choose Value of a variable, it should focus on the name field and it does not (it does the focusing if you’re editing an existing action, though). That’s a focus issue indeed.

But the most interesting for me would be to be able to move through the fields with the tab key (which I have already mentioned in another thread a while ago), and ideally, be able to use the physical Numpad operators.
Right now, I can switch to the operator with the tab key, but then I’m stuck, I can’t pick any operator, I can only highlight them, and I can’t move to the value field without the mouse, which is quite bad.