[Kinda Solved] Change specific sprite color

I have a sprite that has 3 colors, and I want to change only these specific colors to other ones, but the only thing I can find is a “Tint” action. How do I only change specific color of a sprite?
Example: I have a yellow heart emoji, and I only want to change the color of the skin, not the hearts.

Not possible tint apply to the whole image, so the emoji and the hearts will be affected by Tint to.

So there isn’t any other way to do this? Even with a different action or event?

If the sprite is only one I think is not possible.

You can always add a yellow emoji without the hearts, then add the hearts as a separated Sprite then only tint the yellow emoji and the hearts will remain untouched

Add circle yellow Sprite
Add hearts sprite.
Position hearts to x/y point you want of the yellow circle.
Tint the circle to the color you want.

emoji-1 emoji-2

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