King Pig World - Intro Text going up.

Hi guys! This is my first time posting in the GDevelop forums.

As you can see, I’m working on a project called King Pig World, where you play as King Pig from the Angry Birds series.

For the intro, I want to make the text move up like some sort of credits roll.

Cool :slight_smile:

Just kidding bro, it worths the double posting.
To move the text you have to do it yourself, at the beginning of the scene put the object at the bottom of the screen (or out of the screen), and then always move it up, if it reach the desired position stop it.

Here is an example: (1.71 KB)
There are three scenes, the first one just move the text up at constant speed and fix the position when needed. The second one uses speed and gravity, this one is a bit dangerous because if the gravity is too high the text can fall before reaching the final position. The last one is a bit magic, it moves the text up faster if the text is far of the destiny and drastically (because the pow2) slow it down while it reaches the final position.

Thanks. However, before I joined the forums, I tried to do something like in this pic below, but it didn’t work :frowning:

That’s a bit weird, I’ll explain it:

  • Using a variable string is perfect, you’re using variable text conditions/actions with text values so everything ok.
  • The While loop is a problem, it literally will freeze your game, the while loops are a bit dangerous as run forever the condition is true, and don’t let the frames to advance. Instead, use a common event, it will run one time per frame.
  • Simulate “Up” key is an action used for top-down and platformer behavior, so you have to add such behavior to the text object (and if it’s a platformer you have to add a ladder over it :slight_smile: ). It’s a bit unnecessary, as you just want to move the text up, changing the Y position is enough,

So, check the example I’ve shared, the first scene just move the text up until it reaches the center… approximately. It’s easy :wink:
Also, if you don’t like the “TimeDelta()”, you can use a force to move the text up instead.