Knockback in an arc, without Physics 2.0?

How do I…

Make a character with platformer behaviour (main character), get knocked back in an arc? Picture below of how I’d like it to be and how I have it at the moment. I would like to avoid using Pyhsics 2.0 for the main character.

Excuse the quick Scrible in Paint.

Currently I know only how to push him in a straight line at like 220 degrees and then he just falls down and it looks a bit stupid.

Did you try forces?


Yeah, I use forces for the knockback. But the force shoots him in a straight line and then he falls in a straight line too.
I don’t know if combining forces at various positions could simulate it, but I think it would look odd again.

Current code example (trying various things, so it keeps changing):

Based on from which side you get hit
You add force toward angle -15 or -165


Or you could simply make tween where Y of player is going up and down while force is pushing player away

Or animation of sprite where he like a hops
And force is pushing him away faking bounce effect

You have few options how to do it

Or using what you have
You add force toward angle -90
So you push with one force player left or right and with other force up

Oh, I like the tween idea. Thanks for the image of the degrees too! I will test some of these this weekend when I work on my project and report back.