Knockback Problem

HI! I’m making a platformer game and I already have the knockback effect when the enemy was attacked by the player.

The knockback effect here is the add instant force. (angle to position)
The problem is when the enemy is being knocked backed and there’s a jumpthru platform on it, it goes down like this:
When the knight attacks the rat in this position and the rat gets knocked backed to the left.
The rat will go down.
I don’t want the rat to go down when they get knocked back. I can’t change the platform type to a platform because it will also affect the player and cannot go down with jumpthru platforms. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance!

Does it go through the platform, or is it just pushed too far?
Try applying a standard 0 or 180 angle depending on rat X position compared to player X position.
Or try preventing the rat from going too far.