Kongregate and Gamejolt

im tring to upload a game on GJ and when i preview it the screen goes blank after the ad is finished. the same thing happens on kongregate.
i added this folder and the index file but it still dont work
Dodging Raindops.zip (2.56 MB)

does anybody u know what i am doing wrong

Maybe the name of some picture (that contains the adress of a website) can cause the problem.

dodge.zip (2.56 MB)
i renamed all of the files with web addresses i still face the same problem

Well u get black screen cuz u are missing index.html file

i was following these instruction on the forum


on gamejolt it’s different so i upload a zip folder with the index inside

Do you get black screen to if you run it from your pc?

if you mean, clicking on the index file and opening it… yesi do get a black screen

Ethen its something wrong in your gdg file. Could help you more if you upload gdg file.

*With resources (or sketches) in a .zip file :wink:
I’m testing Kongregate with an example project and it works fine, as you are doing: the index.html as the game file, and a zip file with all the other game files as resources.

EDIT: Oh wait, we already have the resources in the first zip files you have attached :smiley:

here is the gdg folder


decryp key: itTQyAl82rGZgvfxtuY83ZLUV0urjQNhD5I-t7ve6gE

Looks like you dont have all the images in your zip file. After using resources from your first post i got it working but theres an image _playintherain__by_CyanSoujiro.gif that is missing and Explosion_Sequence_A all of them, after deleting those that was missing i could play it. Check all your images and paths to them.

do you mean you got all the files and clicked on the index files it worked?

I used some images from your first post but not all are there. Files i mentioned befor are missing so i deleted them in gdevelop and exported the project and it worked. Check those images mentioned above in your gdevelop project.

thank you pleox i’ll do it now.

i did what you told me to but i’m facing the same problem, the index .html file is still black

this the error that i see when i check:

here’s the the gdg folder:
decryp key: DK__vUrzQLEq97hzaFRuyQjSqSne3UlehsshxC2ccjg

here is the exported file:

You can’t launch a local HTML with JS in Google Chrome… (told many times in the forum). That’s why GDevelop use a small local server to emulate a distant website when the game is previewed.

would it work on mozilla (i used IE just now and it gives the same result)

edit: does that mean that if i upload the game people using GC will be unable to play it

No, as I said, it works when the game is on a server and is not accessed with a “file://” adress (use by webbrowser to load a file from your local computer).

im uploading it on kongragate and it works :smiley: thanks :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: