Ladder problem, Jumpthru problem & Round button problem (Touch screen mobile game)

Hi, this is my first time creating a mobile game using this game maker app.

The first problem is the Green Hero collides with the ladder and can pass through the ladder to run to the next ladder by using the touch screen right key to run right side, but when using the touch screen left key to run left towards the ladder to go to the first ladder the Green Hero will stuck can’t pass through. All this happens at the bottom of the ladder to test whether the Green Hero can run right to left and left to right past the ladder or not. (PS: I changed the collision mask size of the ladder.)
How to fix the ladder problem?

Ladder problems video (Google Drive)

Ladder collision mask

The next problem is when the Green Hero jumps it will stand at the jumpthru platform which is not the grass. I changed the collision to 1 corner so that the Green Hero can’t stand at the jumpthru platform which is not the grass but the Green Hero still can stand there.
How to prevent the characters not stand there?

Jumpthru platform problems video (Google Drive)

The three jumpthru platform

All three jumpthru platform collision masks are the same

The last thing is I had hidden all the round buttons at the beginning of the scene and will only show them after the player exits the instruction but when the instruction still shows the round buttons are able to touch/mouse when hidden and the Green Hero can run & jump.
How can I disable the round button touch at the beginning of the scene and stop the Green Hero running & jumping animation and only can touch/activate the round button and the Green Hero running & jumping animation after exiting the instruction?

These are the code I use.

My game events

The ladder events

PS: I use a PC to preview and test the game. Not yet used the phone to test the game.
Thank you & I appreciate you guys taking the time to read, If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Can you show the events for moving both to the left and right?

Make only the grass top a platform object. Leave the dirt as a normal sprite with no platform behaviour.

As for the dirt, I solved it as you said and for the moving left and right is the first screenshot of my code the part where mobile control is I code the Green Hero moving left and right. I did not code the moving left and right in the ladder external event.