Lag In Fullscreen

Hi, when I toggle fullscreen mode on and off in my game it drops from consistent 60 frames to 30 frames, even if I disable some of the more intensive scene logic. Is there a known issue with this? Or a potential fix?

A lot of effects might drop performance a bit at higher resolutions, but that’s all I can think of. I’m honestly surprised you’re even getting this issue, Gdevelop is a relatively very lightweight engine.

Visual effects are very minimal. GDevelop (the editor) idling is using 250 MB memory. When I launch the preview it jumps to about 320 MB so I’m guessing it’s using about 70 MB not in fullscreen, which is quite low for a 16 GB ram right? Even in fullscreen mode it seems to have about the same reading. Google Chrome is using triple the resources, just idling.

It seems to be more of an issue with perhaps my graphics card and screen resolution, I duplicate the display on a Windows Laptop to my TV, I changed the setting there and the frames went back up to about 55ish, which is acceptable. Still the whole thing is a little surprising because using the same settings I can run games with high end graphics using way more than 320 MB.

Yeah, that’s odd. You might just need to update your graphics drivers, an update came out for the Nvidia drivers today. That’s all I can think of tho

This problem has been going on for a while, I built an auto-runner earlier in the year and was having the same issue. It’s definitely not the drivers, they’re up to date.

So this isn’t a common or known issue at all? I’m more worried about lag on the user end then my end, I can just unplug my display for testing. As long as I can be confident it won’t be a big problem for players then it is fine by me.