Lagging Too much

I m making a game Inspired from FireBoy and watergirl. Firstly i have made it on another platform scratch. I used somehow the same logic and this made my game lag so much . What i am doing is Creating Brick on Screen For my Bg. This is my code!

Sorry Got it . I m idiot . i can use tiled sprite

Your repeat 25 times (and the 2 lots of nested 13 times) is done every single frame.

I doubt this is your intention (the number of object being created per second is quite spectacular).

You should you drag the 25 repeater to be a subevent of the “At the beginning of the scene” event.

No, that isn’t the problem…

@MrMen I think @Diven was trying to repeat an image just like how using tiled sprite would do

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Yuppp . That what i am trying to do

I know, I can read code :slight_smile: . But @Diven is doing that every. Single. Frame.

That is a massive performance hit, creating over 4000 objects per frame (or 240,000 objects per second) and will be the cause of the lag.

Make it a subevent of the “At the beginning of the scene” event, so it gets run once.

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