Large windows export size

Good time of day. Please tell me, I made a menu of 1 picture(10 animations) and 1 (without animations (logo)) (with a total weight of 110 kb), 3 scenes (1 empty, 1 with a picture multiplied by 5 copies (menu) and 1 with a logo) and 1 Ogg music (weighing 5.85mb), well, about 20-25 events. At the output under windows, I get a folder with a project weighing 170 mb, why so much? Events have nothing to do with this, right? If this is the norm, then what will happen next? Help, I’m doing this exclusively under windows. Sorry for the English, I use a translator. By the way, the example of isometry is only ~80mb. Thanks

There is a large base for Windows executables, to wrap the HTML/js/CSS game as a software. It’s unrelated to your assets and events.
But you should check the Resources tab in GDevelop to remove unused assets, that might help a bit.

There are no unused resources, 11 pictures and 1 music, as I understand it, the wrapper itself already weighs a lot, that is, further during development I will not be heavily loaded, right?

I don’t think so, but I never use the Windows builds. :grin:

170mb is not large for a Windows game made in 2022. However, you can consider that as a “baseline”, as the other files are required to make your game work at all.

However, it is just that, a baseline. As you add more files/events/etc to your game, the filesize will increase, but that ~150mb will not be added on each time. It’ll always be roughly 150mb + all of your files from there on.

I was also very surprised as I made a test export to windows yesterday. My assets is less than 1mb. The export is 165mb.

Same with me, my assets are around 500kb… But game size is 200mb