Launch options on Steam?

Hello all, I’m publishing a demo for my game Cy: Cyberpunk Survivors to Steam. It’s asking for launch options. The windows file is an exe so that one is easy. For MacOS and for Linux, respectively, where are the launch files (equivalents of .exe for windows)?

They are not anywhere unless you built the game for those OS. You don’t get a package with all 3 OS.

Did you export for macOS or Linux?

I exported to all three and included them in one depot. It’s my first upload to Steam so not certain I did everything right. I guess support will tell me if I did anything wrong within a few days.

If you exported all 3, there should be different files in the export, but yeah Steam should let you know.

You can check out this wiki page that explains how to publish a GDevelop game on steam:


Thank you, Arthuro, I hadn’t seen that.

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It’s still asking me where the Linux exe is.

Or do I not need that under Launch Options? Will they figure it out?

I’m not sure as I haven’t published to steam myself, maybe @tristanrhodes could help you? He had written some documentation about publishing GDevelop games to steam.

I guess SteamOS is technically Linux so support should be able to figure it out. Will post an update when I hear back.