Layer Grouping + Child Layers


I propose that GDevelop 5 should have the ability to group layers together for organization purposes.

Basically, you can drag layers into another one, and that layer, now a child layer, appears in a dropdown from the parent layer. Again, this can be helpful for organizing your layers (E.G. Putting the UI in a layer group, and the main game layers in another).

Also, this can also make effects and filters more efficient for the game to handle.

Let’s say you want to put a blur effect on several layers, but NOT the UI. To do this currently, you have to apply the layer effect on EVERY individual layer, then the runtime has to process each of them, which can get pretty expensive. If you apply this to a layer group, the runtime will only have to process it once, and it applies the effect to all layers.

What do you guys think?


I like this idea, grouping and compacting is always good.

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