Layer on top base layer

I have 2 layers. Base layer and layer. When layer is on top of base layer is on the elements from base layer are still intercatible.
When i click the button from layer that is on top of a button from base layer both functions/performs their functions at the same time.
How to disable all functionality/interaction of the base layer when second layer is on screen ?
Thanks in advance

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i haven’t used layers but don’t think a layer disables another, anyway a button in top layer covering another in base layer shouldnt trigger event for both, maybe you can show your events

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Im about to sleep now. Ill show it tomorrow. Thanks

Just like you say: If button is clicked AND if second layer is visible, do …


Here is my events. When i click the “watch ads” button from 2nd layer that covers the “Play Game” button from Base layer, the two button performs its events. Image below

Still trigger the event for both even i hide the base layer.

hi, i see no events :thinking:
As @Gruk said you should add a condition to Play game clicked condition , for example layer(ads) not visible. Search for the correct sentence I don’t have a computer now

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Im so sorry but i cant understand what u mean. Btw heres the events.

add an event to check that layer ads is not visible for each button,see where i marked the image

or do an event to check if layer ads is not visible and move all menu buttons code as subevent of this event
Sorry but don’t have a computer on hand

Got it. Thanks @Gruk and @xisco.