layers and my charicter

when i add a layer below my charicter (my map) the map follows my charicter so my guy looks like hes not moving because the map follows him…

how can i fix this so my guy can walk round my map on a layer below him as the camera is set to follow my guy not the map so why does this happen

(I guess you aren’t using the Tilemap object, let me know if I’m wrong)
If you have two layers, you have two basic cameras (each camera to render each layer), you don’t move the camera of the map, so it doesn’t “move”. Make the camera on the map layer to follow the player too.

Why don’t put the map in the same layer of the object? So you have to move only one camera, I mean the player and the map are in the same “space”, if you put them in different layers weird things can happen (for example, the player can be displayed as colliding with an object in the map, but they could non collide at all, they could be very far but the cameras render them very close) :neutral_face:

Layers are useful for render objects in different spaces, for example a UI: no matter where you are the UI is always at the top, so you put the UI in a different layer and you’re ready :slight_smile:

well the problem i was having is that when i spawn a bullet at my charicter it was goin to the layer below so i couldnt see the bullet so i had to move the map down a layer to see the bullet unless u know a way to get objects to apear on the top layer?

and thanks

Surely the bullet is not created in a layer below, but its Z-order is too small: The Z order determines the render order of the object, a bigger Z means draw over others. When you create a new object, its default Z is 0 (zero, I guess lower or equal than the Z order of the map), so:
1 - Ensure that you create the bullet in the same layer as the object and map (the create object action has this option, leave it empty if the objects are in the Base Layer).
2 - Just after create the bullet object, use the proper action to change it’s Z order (All objects >> Z order >> Z order), and set a value higher than the Z order of the map (you can check and modify the Z order of the map object in the properties panel) :slight_smile: