Layers and objects

Hello! At first, i love Gdevelop! I am using it for a few days and it is so much fun, but i have a question… I created a new project. I have made 2 scenes (scene1 and scene2). In scene1 i made 2 sprite objects. But when i switch to scene2, then the objects (sprites) are gone from the list, cannot find them there… I only can see my sprites in the scene where i created them. What to do? I want to use my sprites in all of my scenes without copying or redrawing them :frowning: Thanks for your help and greetings from the Netherlands! TiM

I don’t know how to edit my text, but i think i solved the problem. Right click on the sprite and then “set as global object”. That works! But has it any disadvantages? I have some more questions, but i will ask them later :slight_smile: Sorry for this useless topic because i solved it :slight_smile:

If you make something global, in case you change the properties of the object in one scene it is going to change in all scenes. So you also need to consider that if you want the properties of the object also to be the same in all scenes. Also If you change your mind you can not undo this. Making something global is permanent.

An other thing you can do instead is create a “template” scene including all the objects you are going to use and each time you want to create a new scene just copy and paste the “template” scene. By doing this way all objects can have their own individual properties in each scene and you don’t need to make them global nor add them one by one to each scene.

When i make a template scene. When i want to add something, like a new enemy later on, then i design that enemy in the scene where i want him to be? And when i want him in another scene too, i just copy the object and place it in the object list in the other scene, am i right?