Layers Not Showing Up In-Game

So I’m new at coding and have managed to build a working game. However, some layers are not showing up in-game, even though they are not hidden on behind the background. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Can you some screenshots of how it looks in the exported game (better if you could provide the game itself) also some screenshots of the game in the editor and in the preview
And also check if you are hiding the layers in the editor. Also are you using any layer effect?


Hi share some screenshots of your layers and events.
Check also if all images are less than or equal 2048x2048, maybe some bigger images doesn’t show in some devices.

I have a video example of what I am talking about.

If you can reproduce the problem in a empty project i’ll take a look.
With your cloud asset too, because seem the texture is a way to large too as @UlisesFreitas told you.

Make sure that if you are using any zoom or camera center features that you center and zoom the camera on all layers

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Hello, I’ve experienced the same thing. You need to change the layer’s camera place in order to see the sprite. Like how we first set up to make cam chase character. Because all layers have their own camera. I don’t know If you can make it all same. Also If you have changed zoom in the first cam, you need to change zoom in all cams to make it look normal size too. I hope this comment would help you.