(Layout) on tabs same as (Events)

Can we get external layout tab with suffix (Layout)?
Same as we have (Events)

In screenshot below BattleCity is scene tab
BattleCityLevels is external layout tab
BattleCity (Events) is well events tab
I needed to rename BattleCity external layout to BattleCityLevels
So i do not confuse them and know which i wanna click before seeing what is inside
I mean we have suffix for events tabs so why not for layout tabs?


It would be nice if the tabs were different in some way either with (text) or an icon or color. I don’t want too much text added to each tab because that would reduce the number of tabs that can be displayed and require you to constantly scroll back and forth. I could go for icons or color coded tabs.

It just occoured to me that it would be nice if the tabs didn’t fit on the screen that there was a icon on each end that you could click to create the tabs as a drop down list like in other apps.

I need to think about it and check if that idea is already out there.

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I kinda agree with you
But i say we should have a choice
I do not like to have TONS of tabs open
And space limitation prevents me from making long names
So while i agree with you i still wanna have suffix there

How about lets color them?

Top one
Events tab have color of share button
Layout tab have color of buttons from scene editor just way darker

Bottom one
We just give tabs a line of same color as share button for events and scene buttons for layouts


I don’t like a lot of tabs either. It doesn’t take much to run out of space even on a widescreen. You have the editor, the events, the debugger and an extension or two and you’re out of room.

Maybe just display the scene name and add a toggle and a keyboard shortcut to switch between the editor and the events.

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