Lets get 5 devs to make a game without communicating!

Ok, so, I’m sure you’ve seen those videos on youtube, where a handful of gamedevs just take turns with the game, with a time limit. I thought, that would be fun, so here I am. I would like 4 other devs, who volunteer, and we will each get 2 turns (i will be last, besides that order of volunteers is the order of turns). We should limit ourself to 1 hour apiece, adding stuff, kinda building the structure for the game. No communication whatsover. When we finish, private message the next dev the google drive link via the forum. Let me know if you are interested!


Ps, all devs will be credited, so let me know your gd username.
PPs , if you volunteer first, wait until we got all the volunteers before starting, and don’t use any possible ways to communicate (or ill be sad)


Are comments allowed? Are event groups allowed? Is it allowed to name the objects and variables?

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Ok, yes, you can name stuff, like objects, variables, event groups, maybe comments, but nothing that gives the next dev(s) a definite hint as to what they want them to do, such as direct messages that say “i want this to be a tower defense game”, or “maybe add some powerups or something”, that sort of thing.


Count me in :‎‎p‎‎‎‎‎


Cool! Can’t wait to see what we come up with!


Another bonkers (in a good way) idea from Inusitatus :scream:!
This is something I truly admire about you: your unconventional out-of-the-box thinking, as well as your willingness & daring to carry out these wild escapades!
I’ve got a few remarks. I’ll structure them so they’re easy to follow.

Will I participate?
Short answer: I’m afraid not. Sorry… :grimacing:

To straighten the record: I wish your project the absolute best, & I have no doubt that this project will not only be fun, but also that the outcome will be spectacular!

  1. Currently I’m Far too busy, not only with developing Loner, but also with my personal art projects. All that’s Besides my c̶r̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ full-time job :face_exhaling:.
  2. I’m genuinely not a good fit for a project like this. When it comes to creativity I’m Fiercely independent, & am Physically incapable of compromising my vision once I’ve formed an attatchment to an idea :sweat_smile:.

Some constructive criticism…
To be clear, I’m not criticising your character, in fact I think you’re a genius! I’m simply pointing out (what I perceive) as a flaw in your plan.

Personally, I think you should have already had another 4 or more devs in mind Before you proposed this idea. You could have circumvented this waiting around. Regardless of whether or not the wait is an issue for you, it could be an issue for the devs who’ve signed on.

My recommendation
I suggest trying to get @Shark_Chum onboard, perhaps :man_shrugging:.

In any event, I think you guys should get started as soon as you’re ready. Even with 2 or 3 devs, I believe this project will be plenty challenging as is. Also, you can continue to accept newcomers.

Sign off
I wish I could be more helpful, but for what it’s worth you can always count on having my Full moral support :smiley::+1:.

@NT_exe has been a dream to work with on developing Loner :innocent:. Under different circumstances, perhaps you’d be willing to work with one/both of us in the future :man_shrugging:?


I’d love to join!
I have a question though, how will we know who the other dev’s are?


Just assuming here…

Right now it’s Inusitatus & Arthuro, possibly Shark Chum.
If I’m correct about Shark, then there are 4 devs onboard.
However, Inusitatus himself will have to present the correct info.

If I’m available during the time this takes place then sure, i’ll be up for it


If I’m not mistaken, Inusitatus might have found his 5!

Ring Fellowship

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I’d be up for it! : D

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Can i becum one with such epic epicness
(pls add me or death)

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You’re in! As to your question, im putting together a list.

Your in too! Hope you’re available during your turn!

Sweet! You are on the list!

I don’t see why not add an extra!

With that, all positions are full!

We got @arthuro555 , @MrFloax , @ToasterPower777 , @H0ndredEx , @Ahnaf30e, and me. @arthuro555, you may begin, and then after around an hour of work pass it on to @MrFloax.


@Fyrebrand_Gareth , I do not think I would be able to do this project. I only have a tablet (edit: I have a computer now) to make games with, and Jesse and the Fragments of Imagination is plenty enough. I wish everyone luck, though!


I am done with my hour of work, I’ve passed the game files to MrFloax over discord!

Sweet! Can’t wait to see what we got so far!

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Hmm mr floax doesn’t seem to be online currently… Does someone want to maybe switch turns with him? That way we’ll get the first turn done faster and likely establish an order that matches our availability times.

I am available in 20 or less. If no one responds by the time I am free, I can message you on discord to swap positions, if it’s alright of course!


Okay, I finished my 1 hour : D
Sadly, Ahnaf30e cannot do the full hour right now. So, Anyone else available to continue the round? ^^

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I’m not currently, it’s fine if we switch the order, as long as I stay last(just trying to stay true to the original idea)

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