letter by letter text [Solved]

I’d like to know how to make text that appears letter by letter like in old rpg games and other old games. I didn’t find any help when I search such a thing. I know there is “get a character from a text” but I can’t get next letter every maybe 0.2s.
Of course I can do that very hard way and make many events like: when timer is 0,2s → get a character from the text place 0, when timer is 0,4s → get a character from the text place 1. Etc… But I think there is much simpler way to do it, so if someone has made that kind of thing, I would appreciate if you like to share the events with me :slight_smile:

Here’s an old post talking about it, and what a coincidence: the time I chose for the example is 0.2 seconds, I mean… you can’t complain :laughing:

Ahaaaa thank you! :mrgreen: I think I search with wrong words… Haha great! :smiley: