Level Editor example

Can someone make level editor example? I mean full-fledged example with object moving and saving all objects in scene, not that poor excuse of level editor that is provided in Save and load.gdg example.

Please note that this example was never described as a fully complete level editor, but only as an example to show how it is possible to save and load an unlimited amount of objects.

Well, can you (or someone else, I don’t care) make level editor example then?

BTW, 4ian, I greatly appreciate work you put into GD. I’ve tried to make game making program and it didn’t turn out well. And this was supposedly easier to write than GD, because it was fixed to one genre (was supposed to be RPG Maker clone). Anyway, I hope you’ll make new build soon with all (or most) features requested and bugfixes. Though I from experience know it’s hard to make such program. And you’re a genius since you were able to successfully pull this out (I’ve seen many half-assed game making software that is best to be forgotten, fortunately GD is not one of them)