Level randomization tutorial appears to be broken/unfinished, how do I fix it?

I followed the binding of isaac style generation code EXACTLY, made sure it was completely the same, but theres still exits with no rooms generated by them, its super frustrating and i’ve been unable to find a fix anywhere, also has happened to other people according to those who i’ve talked to.

Hi, I have no experience with random levels and it is unlikely that I can really help, but you might get some responses with suggestions if you post the relevant events here. I don’t know how many people you have talked to who ran into exactly the same issue, but there is always a chance that you made a minor mistake along the way to recreate the events.
You could also try to contact HelperWesley, the creator of the video, here in the forum, at Gdevelop’s discord or through all the other sites where he is present.