Level up not transferring to next scene

I have a scene variable set up for leveling up my player. When experience is full the level increases by one. I have setup a global variable and have an action that when i go to next scene to change the global variable to equal the scene variable and when the next scene starts to set the scene variable to the value of the global variable. Followed youtube video for transferring score from one scene to another but its not bringing my value over to the next scene…it just starts at 1 again. Not sure what i am doing wrong.

I tried just using a global variable for the levelup and set global object but that didnt work either…its always 1 on the second scene.

I think you should use storage to store your scene variable then load it with the global variable

Maybe something here is messing up the value of the global variable. You can just use the global variable without the need for the scene variable.

Scene Variables are not designed to leave the scene they were created in.

You are on the correct path with using a global variable to transfer the value to new scenes.
If the value is remaining as one, then it sounds like you are setting the value to 1 at some point, but it is hard to try to guess where the value is getting set without seeing your Events.

Figured it out. Sorry for bothering yall again. Lol