Levels, Worlds, Menus

Hey Guys! So after a week or two of fixing and making the code for the basics of my 2d platformer game I am happy to say it is ready to be put on some levels. The problem is that i don’t understand how to make these levels, Worlds and menus. For example, I want to have multiple Worlds with 10 levels in it, of course once you beat the whole 10 levels in a world you get put onto the world menu where you pick the next world to try and complete. Very simple concept, however I am not to sure if im suposed to put my entire game on one scene, or put each level on a different scene (and the menu’s n level select)(Which would be soo many scenes). If im supposed to do the former then do I copy the code and paste it into each and every scene/level? That would create problems in the future if I try to change something (I would need to change it 70 times).

Some background info on my game is that its level system is planning on being a one screen platformer level, Sort of like Lavaboy and Water girl. So after completing a level It puts you onto another boxed off room where you platform to the door to complete the level dodging snakes and jumping gaps in the world.

I am absolutely stuck on what I should do, even tho it is a very simple thing. So im sorry for asking for something that is pretty dumb, but I just cant figure it out, and any youtube tutorials never make it to having multiple levels.

Hi there!
You’ve written a detailed post and seem to know a significant amount of doing things already - nothing bad asking a seemingly newbie question.
Anyway, to do multiple levels, look into External Events and/or External Layouts. I haven’t delved in the latter, but by using External Events, you’d create each level in its own scene, and use Link event to, well, link one single External Event that contains all of the game logic. (sadly, I can’t recall if you can right click and then paste from a normal Events sheet into External one. Hopefully it’s possible!)

External Layouts on the other hand work the other way around - the logic of the game in one scene/external event, and the 10 levels each being an External Layout.
As mentioned I lack experience in it and can’t really advise on how to use it.
Here’s links to both:

Is your Worlds a touch/mouse-operated level select or something awesome like a Level Hub? (Haven’t played Fireboy and Watergirl) If it’s the latter, it’s recommended they’re multiple scenes for performance reasons, especially when you add a thereotical amount of 100 levels into the Worlds.

Awesome! Thank you for the kind words, I am going to try and work these into my game now. I appreciate the links, they had everything I was looking for. I am going to attempt to make a Level hub because I agree that would be a very cool addon. Anyway thank you for your help, and you definitely are missing out not playing Lavaboy and Wategirl, it was one of my personal favourite games as a kid. Now back to programming, See ya!

Edit: Yes! It worked! Finally after like 3 days of searching!
I put all my code into an external event, then used the link feature.The code works perfect between scenes. Anyway thank you and I really do appreciate it

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Hey Cat! Its been a while, my game is going great, however I noticed with your method of duplicating scenes works great but It means that if I ever need to change something linked with an object/sprite then I need change it multiple time ( depends on how many levels I want that change in). This of course is gonna cause me alot of problems in the future when I need to do any animation changes on objects. Or if I decide to change the looks ect it forces me to either do the changes to each level or to delete them all and then duplicate after the change. I really hope there is a fix for this because its going to be done by 2025 at this rate :joy::joy::joy:. Anyway if anyone knows a fix, that would be amazing!

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Hmm, that is a great point : o I guess if you changed the sprites of something you’d need to change for every scene.
I’d suggest playing around with External Layouts - still haven’t done so, I really should too…