LF a Partner/s to help build a Tower Defence Game

Hi Guys

I have an amazing concept for a tower defense but my programing and time to learn is limited.
Also as we know things run quicker when combining knowledge and resources and I am hoping to find someone that shares my visions, so a short summary about the concept of the game.

With all the following said nothing is cast in stone and is completely open to change and suggestions.

Platform - PC, Console, Mobile, Web

Theme - Mid Evil/Sci-Fi, The Good, The Evil and The Rest.

Style - Maze, Evolution, Fusion, Race/Class/Style/Strategy/profession

Modes - Story, Arcade, Unlimited, Race, PVP - 1v1 - 2v2 - 3v3 - 5v5 - 10 player FFA.

Concept - NO PAY TO WIN! A combination of some old school clasics made in warcraft 3 game creator - Elemental TD, GEM TD, Power Link TD and Custom Heros. But with a twist, no life everyone will be able to complete every round and will be scored based on speed of completion/Intrest/Remaining Resources/Amount of Towers/Amount of Kills and so on.

Weakly and monthly Tournaments, Leaderboards.

Strategy of the month, Maze of the Month, Fastest Clear of the Month and so on.

You can contact me on:
Skype - NicholasTFI
Discord - UnDeR_EsTiMaTeD#1849

Thanks for taking the time to read through, looking forward to see the feedback and hope to find someone that wants to team up.

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