Library Packs

It would be nice if there were graphic libraries in GD5 with graphic sets to be imported directly from online source into project folder.

I don’t know how to explain it better but Unity is using Unity Hub desktop native app with Assets
Bootstrap Studio is using a similar concept, Notepad++ have their plugins/modules…

Why do i think its a nice development to implement?

  • because users can share libraries in a centralized environment
  • diversity
  • faster workflow
  • wider usability among GD users

Also, I believe that this particular feature can engage more in collaborative projects between GD users.

Not in the above context, but related to graphics, here is a git repository with graphics suitable for GD projects

Its a collaborative git that I’ve put together in a few days
I’m not yet familiar with developing a game from 0 to finish so I’ve started with the next easiest thing… graphics.

Feel free to add suggestions, requests or ideas but avoid 8bit pixel art for now. :slight_smile:

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It sounds great. :sunglasses:

This is a nice idea, but at the moment, this isn’t really a collaborative project. It’s a good way for one person to share their work, made in their own style. However, it’s not a very good start for multiple people collaborating together.

For example, your tiles 70x70 pixels, and not 64x64 , which would be a power-of-2 size. While it doesn’t matter for GDevelop, that’s the industry standard. For the tiles to fit together, they would all have to be the same size. If only one size had to be chosen, 64 pixels would be much better than 70.

It’s great that you’re sharing these assets, and you should definitely keep doing this! The idea of having preset graphics packs is also very interesting. However, there’s quite a lot of preparation work that would have to be done before making a graphics pack that’s easy to share, easy for multiple people to create collaboratively, and so on.

Thank you very much for your input and useful suggestions.
It helps draft the idea better giving a contour to what and how assets should be done . :slight_smile:
As for collaborative expression… the git allows download and upload of materials (content) — if the settings are correctly made

you could also use vectorial images for better scaling :smiley:

@xisco It’s not a bad idea. Does GD support SVG format?

I don’t know if gdevelop suppprt svg but users could always modify and export to PNG