Life text moving along with the screen

how to make the text life,Do not move along with the screen,What are the events that do this?

follows the image below

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I’m also not getting the number of three lives inI’m also not getting the number of three lives in the Player, follow the code below

Make sure that all items you want to stay in place and not move along with the screen are on the Layer called “GUI”. In the Properties panel, you can change the layer (camada) that the object is on.

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i’m not getting boot the number of lives as 3,When starts the game starts with 0

In the upper left corner, click on this icon:

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 1.09.44 PM

In the Game Settings menu, select Global Variables:

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 1.09.57 PM

Add a Global Variable called Vidas and in the column to the right put 3. That way, every time you start the game you’ll start with 3 lives.

good afternoon, and the next I manage to solve this problem of lives alone, but now I want to solve the player jump on the enemy and I want that when the Player collides with the enemy lose a life, only when it is colliding with the enemy loses life all the time, as it does to implement the player jump on the enemy, by enemy destroy,And as does by Player collide with the enemy and loses a life

obs:Follow the code in this text

Try combining all of this into one condition with no sub conditions:

now when you jump on the enemy’s head decrease a life and do not destroy the enemy what I do,so that when the player jumps does not take a life but kills and destroys the enemy,and only takes a life when it collides

Remove the Action that says Change the global variable Vidas: subtract 1. If you want the enemy to disappear, you need to add a Action to Delete Enemy.

Make another event where the Conditions are PlayerHitBox is on the ground and PlayerHitBox is in collision with Enemy and make the Action for that Change the global variable Vidas: subtract 1.