Light Effect for Sprites

I’ve had this problem where when using the light sprite I can’t really have them attach without having too much so I have a extension or well behavior idea where you could transform the player or object into a light object so it could emit light
This would make it easier for those who use PCs that can’t really do much or can’t have too much Sprites in one scene

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You dont need that much to have an object follow another object.

To give an object a Light object that follows them around, all you have to do is something like

Condition Action
At the beginning of the scene - Create “Light Object” at the position of the “Player”
- Link “Light Object” and “Player”
Then in an event with no Conditions - Take linked objects into account “Light Object” and “Player”
- Change the position of “Light Object” to “Player” position

Thats all you have to do to make something follow something else…

Link them and then use the link to change their position.

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I agree with that. I’ve already thought that it would be easier and simpler to create a behavior for any object to emit light, rather than to create an object that emits light. It’s similar to timers; previously, there wasn’t an option to wait for x seconds. But all of this takes time, and they’ve already added quite a lot.