Lights doesn't rotate

When you try to change the Angle/Rotation of the light in the editor or wanna do it in Event action, lights doesn’t rotate at all.

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Can you be a bit more specific? Because a basic light object won’t appear to rotate because it is circular…

I think they mean when they’re using a light texture.

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Try to rotate in editor or in event lights with this texture

You’re probably trying to create something like a torch, aren’t you? You’re right - I’ve just tested it. It’s not possible to rotate a light object. But you can create a sprite with which you limit the light cone of the circular light. You can then rotate this as you wish. And you can also make it invisible and it will still process the obstacle behaviour.

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Thanks for the amazing advice, but before to do it i will wait the official reply of Gdevelop staff to know if this a bug or a feature just shouldn’t be here, hope they will reply soon as possible