Lights, shadows or shaders in Gdevelop 5

Can Gdevelop 5. Add shadows shaders or lights. Lights and shadows make the games look alot better and sets a good mood. I really want lights in gdevelop 5 to improve how my game looks.
i dont wanna have to use fake shadow sprites everytime i want my game to look improved.


Did you check if that feature is not already on the Trello roadmap?

my bad. i didn´t even know there was a voting website for gdevelop 5

Well. we can vote but it is one of the longest requested features.

Up until now the performance of HTML5 was not that good especially on mobile and since lights and shadows are extremely resource hungry, 4ian never really considered to implement them as it was looking cool but was not practical and I believe it was also only experimental in the rendering engine GD is using and was not production ready.

It seems It is still not officially supported in the rendering engine GD is using (Pixi.js) and require a 3rd party plugin:

So it might be a problem as 4ian doesn’t like to depend on 3rd party libs that may or may not be maintained and updated for future versions of Pixi.js.

The performance of HTML5 did improve a lot especially in the past 1-2 years so I really hope we are going to eventually see this feature now. Some lights and shadows can significantly change the whole atmosphere of any game and in case dark corners would be an important aspect, it is also make it hard to recommend GD for such game.