Limitations of GDevelop?

Hello! I started using GDevelop 5 recently and made a very basic platformer, but I’m planning to make a much bigger game.

What I wanted to ask is - Is there something from down below that I won’t be able to do in GDevelop 5?

  • bosses with health bars
  • in-game encyclopedia of enemies and items openable at any time
  • power-ups
  • characters with dialogue boxes
  • shopping system
  • eating enemy bodies for stat bonus (this phrase sounds weird, but the game’s about hallucinations and some enemies are food)

Keep in mind, I’d like things above in my PLATFORMER. Thanks in advance!

You’re good to go :ok_hand:
Lookin’ forward to eating some corpses :sweat_smile:

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I can’t wait till a game engine can;

  • program itself
  • solve world hunger
  • bring about world peace
  • read my mind (probably a requirement for step1)
  • make me breakfast
  • bonus points if it can morph into a beautiful woman in the real world.

As far as I’ve experiences GDevelop has trouble with dynamically generation, but outside of that everything is fair game and possible. So yes, I believe all of what you ask is doable.

PS. I’ve seen on the trello that a dialogue system is ready for the next release, so that may not be available just this second but it’s coming soon.

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In case you mean in-app purchase to buy in-game items with real currency it is not possible.
Other than that, it should be fine. And yeah, a dialog system is coming soon that is going to be allow us to create very deep dialogs with multiple options to choose from similar to RPG Maker and other RPG engines. But even without that, it is possible to create dialogs but can be a little messy depends on how deep you want to take it but doable. :+1:

GameGuru, BuildBox? :joy:

Heh, nice ad! But there’s actually a lot of useful tutorials for stuff I need, thanks!