Limiting one point per click

Hello everyone, I’m creating a trivia quiz and I’m running into a deceptively tricky problem(for me anyway). Every time a user clicks the correct answer, I want them to receive 1 point, however if they just keep clicking that answer without going to the next question, the points keep adding up. Below is what I’ve tried.

Once the correct answer(A in this case) is clicked, the action of changing the “scored” boolean to true occurs, thus the condition to score again (being SceneVarScored = false) can no longer occur again, but it does…not sure what I’m missing.

Thanks for the help!

Do you set Scored to false in any events? If so, check to see what conditions cause this to happen.

I do set it to false at beginning of the scene, strangely enough i just moved it down a few lines and everything worked…gdevelop works mysteriously to me at times.

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If you can show the events that you changed, maybe we can explain why it started working, and remove that aura of mysteriousness that GDevelop gives you.

I moved the action of setting the boolean scored to flase from one part of my initial loading actions to another.

That would suggest that scene variable Result is not set to “ok”.