Limiting the replace feature in the events to a region

You should be able to select a region for the replacing of parameters, to make copying something easier, without changing other events.

How should this restriction/limitation look like?
The s&r feature works from top to bottom, so you should press next until you reach the section you want, and then replace until you finished the section.

On a side note, if you do much copy-pasting, there’s usually a better way to do it.
Some of the tools/features used to avoid copy-pasting are: Repeat, While, For Each, and object groups.

For example copying a bar’s animation, but changing the object and variable, maybe if it replaces from the events you select?

Yes, I see that the search starts from the top of the page, even when an event is selected. That doesn’t seem ideal.

I would love if the replace could be limited to the sub events of a group or just sub events of an ordinary event. It would save me so much work with making a music game where many different sounds should be played depending on the values of different variables! As all are now replaced, it can really mess things up…

I came up with the idea of making a separate scene just for changing variables; copy-paste the group there, replace what should be replaced and copy it back to the actual scene.

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