Limiting Tiled Sprites with Parallax

Is there a way to limit a tiled sprite with parallax? So that it only loops within a specific boundary/area of the level? I feel like I might have just missed something obvious, but I can’t figure it out.

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How do you mean? Are you changing the offset of the tiled sprite? What’s preventing you from not changing the offset if a limit has been reached?

Sorry for the late reply. I should have phrased the question better, here’s what I mean:
I only want the background image to repeat horizontally, not vertically. But I want it to have parallax in both directions. Is this possible?

So I want it to have vertical parallax (or just a delay compared to the main camera) without the image getting repeated.

I’m still not sure I understand. Do you want a tile sprite to repeat only horizontally when you create it, or when the screen is parallax scrolling?

When the screen is parallax scrolling.

One way of using a tiled sprite as part of parallax scrolling is to not move the camera of the tiled sprite’s layer, but to change the offset of the image. You can change the offset in both horizontal and/or vertical directions. Have a look at this link, and see if it answers your question.