Lines in my sprites

In that pic, we can see that there’s no line below the grass.

But when I upload the game and install it on mobile this happens:

There’s a line below grass every time I jump and then it disappears in a second.
Can someone help me with how to fix it?

Check the zorder, they should not have the same number, if overlapping

It’s not overlapping and it’s not the same Z order and that background image is in a different layer.

I’ve had this happen when I’ve had multiple copies of sprites on top of each other. Did you generate the ground by copying and pasting a row of dirt? I’d suggest highlighting the row in the editor and deleting (and possibly replacing).

If the Grass & dirt sprites are not placed separately, then are they part of a panel sprite? If they’re not the latter, maybe making them a panel sprite may otherwise solve it?

It has happened to me. Does it appear in the editor when you zoom in and out? What I did was just overlapped the two objects a bit so that the objects don’t make a gap when the scaled