Link one thing to other

this image is a reference, I have one block (Orange) and I want the animation to change when a block is placed on one of its sides, but I don’t know how to make it “identify” this particular block!
Is there any way to put in events that when this specific Object is linked with this other specific object on X side this block (orange) will change to the desired shape?
I appreciate some example or image or other to know what i need put in events

I’ll answer, but I’m not quite sure what you meant.
Around your orange block, you can add invisible checker objects, and check if those objects are in collision with another object.

Ok, I use the events, “bind objects” I wanna know that event can do that control and verificate what object and animation are in contact to the block (orange)

Why this? Because i made a game, you can put block everywhere, but I want the nearby blocks to change or modify depending on the one I place

If you mean the Link events, they are logical links, not proximity/collision links or anything.

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