Linked objects tools pathfinding

Hey there! I’m really desperate for a simpliest explanation of linked objects tools extension.

I’ve read a wiki page and looked through an example project but still didn’t get it (i know, it’s mostly my bad).
Could you please explain what exactly should i do if i want to make node-based pathfinding with player reaching the destination object?

Right now i have these objects in my project:

  • Node
  • Node link
  • DestinationObject
  • Player

I don’t know what linking objects has to do with pathfinding, but this is a guide on using the pathfinding behavior. Pathfinding [GDevelop wiki]

Hi could you please share some screenshots of your events so we can help you better.
Plus as Jimpa says there is no linked objects involved into a Pathfinder behaviour, if an object is called nodelink that doesn’t mean is linked is just a name.

There’s actually an extension for linked objects pathfinding

There is! Check this out Linked Objects Tools Extension [GDevelop wiki]

No sure I know in fact I made 4 games using that extension but what I don’t understand is you question, without seen your events is hard to tell what’s happening there.

Oh. Actually i don’t have any events. Cuz i just don’t understand how this thing works. All i want is a square that literally just moves using this pathfinding extension from one point to another when i press any key. Just to see how it works

When you press like “x” key then the player moves going to X90 then to Y40 and blah blah blah…
So you want something like that?

Yep, pretty much. Using this extension though

Wait till I figure out this extension

K. Thank you in advance

This extension is one of the most complicated to understand, if you just want a grid movement maybe try other example the ray cast one.
If you absolutely needs to implement this linked extension the run the tactical and change the events to rectangular instead of hexagonal then try it.

I thought of making a node pathfinding system with this extension (since it says that you can make one in the description), so grid movement wouldn’t work. But yeah, i’ve seen the exmaple but i still didn’t get it since it had a lot more complexity to it than i needed