Linking Authentication Credentials to Leaderboard

Hi everyone.

I have implemented a login system for my game through Firestore which stores the user email address for authentication, and am working on submitting the user name and high score to create a database. My question, is if a user is logged in, is their user name and high score linked to their account (the one they create to login to the game)? Does the database recognize that the user name created was from that logged in email address?

I need to build a way so that each user name and high score is linked to their login email address, but when displaying their score on the leaderboard, only the user name and high score is shown (keeping their email address private).

If this is not possible, is there a way to include a user name as part of the account registration process, (which is currently on email and password required) which links the player, but is not required for authentication when logging in?

Is there a semi-simple solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

you can start with these tutorials:

Try and tell us. :slight_smile:

I am not sure I understood your question, also I am new to gdevelop. But I have years of experience with IT, and normally, the authentication though the database is made by at application level, not the user, the application in this case is your game. You can use the database to store some kind of login/password to use as authentication in your game/app, but the authentication into the database needs to be close by the app, otherwise you will have security issues, like the user could login directly into the database to alter the score for example.