Linking "Destroyed" Enemies to Maker a Layer Visible

What I’m trying to do is when I have destroyed all of the enemies on screen, a layer becomes visible with an object that when the player collides with, goes to the next level/scene.

What I’m having difficult is attaching all of the enemies (some have multiple instances (and that’s the rub)) that when they are at animation 1 to show layer with object to level up. The problem is, say I have 3 enemies, 1 of enemy #1 and 2 of enemy #2. All I have to do is “destroy” 1 of each and the layer shows. I need it to account for all instances of the enemies, not just 1 of each. Mainly because as the player progresses, there are more and more instances of the same enemies (or may add different ones on top of the original ones.

I’ve attempted to try to attach it to current animation states (if tried it with “Pick all”). It may need to be done as a variable, but I don’t know were to begin on how to define that particular variable and then “code it” for the level up situation.

I appreciate any and all suggestions.


Add all enemy objects to an object group then account for the group in the condition to count number of objects.

The number of “GroupName” object is = 0
Make layer visible.


That did it!!!

I was smart enough to already have the objects in a group, but I ways always tying it to a specific animation (as they had a destroyed animation sprite).

I may add those sprites in as their own instances that are created after the respective enemy sprite is “deleted”.

Thanks again.