Linking external events into different scenes

I have another question.
I created external events for the load and save logic so that I can link them in whenever I need to load/save.
Now I added a second scene and noticed that the external event sheet is bound to a specific scene (“Edit as if the events were included to scene”).
Is it possible to use one external event sheet for multiple scenes?
I don’t want to maintain multiple copies of my save & load logic for each level.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can :slight_smile:
The “Edit as if the events were included to scene” is for the IDE to be able to know which objects show you in conditions/actions (also to know if you have a misspelled object name), as well as scene variables. But you can write the variable and object names yourself in the events, using any object from any scene, of course the IDE will warn you about non-existing object. Take into account that if you use an object “Dragon” in an external event, and you link it into a scene that doesn’t have such object, the instructions using this object won’t be launched :neutral_face:

Thanks it works. :slight_smile: