linux editor - the open file dialogue when you add images...

Please add a thumbnail preview on selected images. Right now you cant see what image you are adding at all. You select it Just by name.
Its a pretty basic but crucial feature- important when you add images from some folder :unamused:

It’s the OS default open dialog, so we can’t do anything.

Maybe GD should come up with its own open dialog? This way user experience would be same on all supported platforms. BTW. blurrymind, what DE are you using? KDE’s open dialog has a thumbs.

I am using xfce! :slight_smile:

Its a standard gtk file dialog.

Strangely enough, it does do a thumb preview on any other app (try it with chromium). Just doesnt work in gdevelop for some odd reason.
so I think gdevelop is at fault here. :smiley:

Dont believe me? see for yourself .
Can you get gdevelop to use the kde one? I thought that gdevelop was a gtk application :confused:

GDevelop uses WxWidgets which uses Gtk on Linux.

Why does its thumb preview not work and does work in other gtk software under linux?

Does that sound like a gdevelop bug/missing implementation to me? Yes it does :smiley:

GDevelop just calls a function saying : “I want a filename, let the user choose one”. We can’t do anything else.

then in that case it is a feature request for a custom file dialog that does show a thumbnail!

its been requested for other software as well it seems … still_not/

this thing is ancient :laughing:

Maybe use gtkiconview? … nView.html

not a developer, just read it in a comment.

other things i found … 00&p=44333

here, someone even made one: … th-preview

One thing is sure, I hate software that does not use the file dialogs provided by the system because the “enhanced” file dialogs these softwares provide are:

-Not looking good because not integrated to the system
-Often awkwardly designed
-Not supporting keyboards shortcuts
-Lacking features that could be integrated by an update of the OS.

It’s not standard got dammit! Users expect to have a good looking, standard file dialog, and it will be a really poor life decisions to spent one entire week creating a new dialog, fixing bugs, adding missing features, then fixing again bugs, and then spending another week recreating the same dialog because it is totally not compatible with MacOS… and then finally go back to a good old system provided, full featured file dialog because the “GDevelop one is too crappy and, look, it is not integrated to [insert your os name here]”. :slight_smile:

Really, it’s the OS job to provide preview of the files! I won’t add any “fancy” custom file dialogs for sure because it is the worst solution to this problem.
Doing a good file dialog is really difficult: did you even saw the MacOS file dialog? It has tons of way to display files, shortcuts everywhere, dozens of context menus and menu items. If you want to see one day GD on MacOS, better keep the system provided file dialog.

Well, I’m writing a lot ! :smiley: But I want to be sure that you understand why it is in my view a really poor solution to roll my own file dialog for GD :slight_smile: If we use wxWidgets (or any other GUI toolkit), it is precisely because we want to benefit from standard well written, battle tested components with a native look’n’feel and a user experience adapted to the system that the user is on.
Did Construct 2 use a custom file dialog? I don’t think so! :slight_smile:

But I agree it is annoying! The good solution is too find a way to tell to the system: “Hey I want that you display a file dialog designed for images” :slight_smile:

By the way, can’t you just enlarge icons or click on a “thumbnail” button to show previews of images? I’m almost sure you can do it on Windows, surely on Ubuntu also!
I can’t believe that today an OS would be unable to provide thumbnails of your pictures when you browse a directory.

yeah, I agree with you. I wish wxWidgets+gtk was as good as QT for example.
It is what it is.

I wonder if those other gtk apps call the open dialog in a different way than gdevelop - allowing them to have a thumb preview when selecting an image.
They do look consistent.

I’ve found something in the wxFileDialog : we can add wxFD_PREVIEW to the style of the dialog to show a preview of selected files (has an effect only on GTK+ by the way).

somebody please get this in gdevelop. Previewing thumbnails is very important! :laughing:

Gimp has preview:

Gimp uses gtk file dialogs, even on Windows.

Now that victor discovered how to call the file open dialog with preview enabled, maybe we will see this feature in the next version? :smiley:

Should be added in the next version (waiting for 4ian approval)

this is really good news! Thank you for the work on the engine :laughing: