Linux path in ChromeOS

Hi devs,
I am creating a game for a Asus Chromebox running ChromeOS. For some reason I can’t enable developer mode on the Chromebox (I have tried the esc-reload method and also the needle-into-the-hardware method) to install an APK, so now I have enabled Linux on the computer. I have made a linux game and it works fine, but my game relies on an external json file (with quiz questions). How do I set a path to a folder in ChromeOS that my Linux game can access? When making Windows games I use something like this:
FileSystem::DesktopPath() + FileSystem::PathDelimiter() + “questions.json”

But I don’t know how to access the desktop or any other folder from Linux running on a ChromeOS computer. It might be easy, since I don’t know anything about Linux and ChromeOS. Any ideas?



Well, if your file is on the desktop, the path should be the same. The expressions are made on purpose to be compatible with different operating systems.

Hi Gruk,
The problem with ChromeOS is that the desktop is more or less virtual. I read somewhere that the desktop is emptied everytime you turn off the computer. Actually I can’t even copy files to the desktop.

I have done some research and as i have understood things, all files have to be placed in the local folder of Google Drive. If think that the root folder of Google Drive is something like smb instead of c:. So I guess that there is no “filesystem” folder, or am I wrong?



I’ve never used ChromeOS. :slight_smile:
You can try displaying all the Filesystem expressions in a text object in your ChromeOS, see what they return and if/how you can use them.

Ok, how do I do that? I know how to write a path but I don’t know how to get all the available File expressions for a specific OS.

As I wrote earlier, they are not specific to OSs.
The list is here: Expressions reference [GDevelop wiki]

Sorry, I didn’t express myself clear. I know that they aren’t OS specific. I’m just unsure how to get the path. But I’ll dig into the reference page again and see how to get that. Thanks for the link :slight_smile: