Live Update Of Assets(or something like that)

So I’m thinking that it would be nice to have Gdevelop automatically update the appearances of objects edited in external programs like Aseprite, Tiled, or LDtk, so that you don’t have to manually deselect and reselect pictures in the animation screen in objects, or manually deselect and reselect Tilemaps in the tilemap and tilemapmask objects. This would be nice, but no rush, as the current setup is still OK.

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Yes, also that object sprites can be updated when a file is changed externally, since I have to restart the program every time I want to view the updated sprites.

When i for example change colour on the image of a object
It automatically updates if i re-launch preview window
In editor it only updates after i re-launch gdev so how it is not working for you?

You could technically launch the built in piskel, save and go back, but that is annoying.

Unfortunately looks abandoned although it should be top priority.